What does RSVP do?
RSVP lets you setup reminders for important mails, and the reminders trigger when you do not get replies to those mails. This way, you can follow up with recipients of your mails and track down important tasks, once sufficient time has elapsed.

Great, how do I setup a reminder?
First, make sure RSVP is launched! You should see an 'R' icon next to the Date/Time, Wi-Fi and other indicators to the right of the OS X menu-bar.

Once RSVP is launched, open Mail.app, and select any_one_mail. After selecting this mail, click the 'R' icon on the menu-bar, and from the drop-down menu, hit 'Set New Reminder'.

After that, follow the on-screen instructions.

I am on OS X Lion, and I have selected a conversation in Mail. I'm unable to set a reminder for this conversation. What's up?
RSVP uses "AppleScript"s to connect to Mail.app. Presently, Apple does not expose the inner workings of conversations to third-party developers through "AppleScript". As soon as this is fixed, we will make the required changes to RSVP.

At the moment, you will have to 'expand' the conversation and select any one of the mails in the conversation, to set a reminder.

I've setup a reminder...now what?
You wait! If you receive a reply to your mail within the time-frame of the reminder, you'll be alerted of the same, and you'd be able to see the original mail or the reply. If you do not receive a reply within the time marked, a reminder will be shown, and you can follow-up with the recipients of the mail regarding the same. If you choose to toggle on/off the reminder on receiving replies by checking the icon ‘Alert me on receiving reply'.

I've got the reply I wanted. I don't care about the reminder anymore.
Great! You can click on 'Manage Reminders', and select "Active" or "Inactive" reminders from the dropdown menu to the top-left. If you still see the original reminder in the "Active" reminders list, just hit the "Deactivate" button.

Deactivated reminders go to the Inactive Reminders list. To delete these permanently, select any one reminder from the Inactive Reminders list, and hit the "Delete Forever" button.

You can also select multiple reminders from the Active or Inactive Reminders list, and hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard to Deactivate or Delete them all at once!

Uh...I just deleted a reminder accidentally.
If you simply "Deactivated" an active reminder, you can go to the "Inactive" Reminders list and "Activate" the reminder again. If the reminder is way past its date, you may need to change the date to be able to "Activate" the reminder again.

In case you accidentally deleted an Inactive Reminder - sorry, there is no way to recover from that.

I have so many mails with the same subject!! Which one did I set a reminder for??
Don't worry, hovering the mouse over the "Subject" in any of the alerts RSVP shows you, in the Set Reminder dialog, or in the Manage Reminders window, turns the "Subject" into a clickable hyperlink. Clicking the link will instantly open the original mail for which you had set a reminder - no more wading through mails to find what you need. This even works if you have deleted the original sent mail or the response mail!

Great. Anything else?
You bet! You can also:

- Setup reminders with rules, if you want to track replies from a specific recipient.
   Add/Delete any number of rules.
- Set reminders to a specific date/time, or within a default period, say 1 hour.
- From the "Preferences" window, you can set the interval of time after which RSVP checks with Mail.app for new replies, whether RSVP opens at Login and the sounds played for different alerts. Preferences are configured by default to give you the most optimal experience - you can however tweak these to your heart's content.

Mmm...none of this is really helping me!
We're sorry about that! Please drop a mail to support@rsvpapps.com for instant help. We would also appreciate your comments and feedback. Just hit that link!